Budva accommodation

About Budva

Budva is one of the most beautiful, the most appreciated and the most famous summer resorts in Montenegro. More precisely, tourist destination, or city of Budva, is located at Budva accommodationthe Bay of Budva which is one of the most beautiful bays, except the Bay of Kotor which is well-known, both in region and in the rest of the world , for its beauty and shape. During summer, more guests come to Budva than to any other place in Montenegro although it isn’t the largest city on the Montenegrin coast. No place in Montenegro can compare with Budva when it comes to a number of accommodation capacities. This beautiful adriatic city is known for some details or marks by which people recognize him. The first and the most famous mark of Budva is the Old Town which was built with stone in a recognizable style that was traditionally used for building in this region for centuries. There are many churches in this old part of the city that represent cultural and historical heritage of Montenegro. The other interesting mark of city is the island of Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas) that is characteristic for its appearance and shape. This island in the heart of the Bay of Budva is somewhat of a tourist attraction and many people come near it to get a closer look.

Accommodation in Budva

As we mentioned earlier, Budva is a number one tourist destination in Montenegro, with the highest number of nights and the largest number of tourists because there are the best beaches and the best accommodaton in Budvarestaurants where the specialties of this coastal region are served. In Budva there is also the best nightlife on the Montenegrin coast with many disco clubs, cafes and night clubs. If you want to reserve accommodation in Budva there are various hotels with quality service at your disposal. Besides hotels, tourists can reserve private villas – many apartments or rooms with bathrooms. Private accommodation are usually nicely arranged apartments, because every tourist wants to have suite where he can feel like at home. Many guests want to spend their vacation near the coast and that is the reason why most of the Budva hotels are located near the coast and near beaches. Perhaps it is better to say that most of the hotels near the sea have their own beaches for their guests only. Accommodation facilities are various, with various structures and categories. The main type of accommodation in Budva are hotels, and there are many of them, both near the coast and in the city of Budva.